Need Something Done?

You’ve come to the right place.

If something has been on your to-do list for more than a month, maybe its time to ask for help. When it comes to marketing and communications, I get all the ‘somethings’ done.

Getting things done means something different for everyone and every business. Need a little help with your:

  • Social Media? DONE
  • Blog and/or Content Calendar? DONE
  • E-Newsletter? DONE
  • Event flyer, graphics, or promotions? DONE

When I say “I get things done” I mean it. I have worked as a Marketing Generalist and Marketing Project Manager for more than 9 years and understand how to prioritize, streamline, and complete projects of any size on time and on budget.

I have worked in and have interests in many industries including sales (radio), fitness, health and wellness, fashion, animal welfare, politics, and real estate. I’m a fast learner and will ask the questions needed to make your project a success.

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A little about me…

My current passion projects involve learning and working more with e-commerce and putting my digital marketing and past experience to work building a brand through great content and imagery. I am focused on sustainability, conservation, recycling, minimalism and learning more about human behaviors. It is our responsibility to protect our natural spaces for future generations and reduce our footprint on the planet.


I am a 30 or so marketing professional from the Midwest who dreams of a life in the mountains. Sir Pollick Roofus is my weim/dobe mix that you may see pictured here or there. I am an aunt to three super-cool youngins who know how to work the t.v. better than I do. I love being outdoors, pops of color, art, design, volleyball, pilates, dinosaurs, books, anything mint and chocolate chip cookies.

I am fascinated by personalities and why we act the way we do. I took part in the DISC personality to find out more about myself and how to better communicate with others. Read my results here:

Read my DISC Plus report.