Cheeky Solutions

As I begin my morning perusing  through advertising articles, I ran across something that needs to be shared.  An advertising agency name generator!  I know; it is exciting!  My results were weird to say the least until the last click…Cheeky Solutions.  That’s right, Cheeky Solutions.  I LOVE IT!  If I ever start a business, regardless of what it is.  It will be called Cheeky Solutions.  Perfection should not be messed with.  Way to go ad agency name generator available on  Way to go.


Oh, this room is tiny!

Today is Easter.  Happy Easter, everybody!  It has been a fun day filled with family time, church, and lamb cake.  The drive back was quite and somewhat tiring.  So, the snuggle time and NCIS was very welcome.  Time has kept marching on to bring Monday way too quickly!

I am watching HGTV while eating over baked Pizza Rolls.  The show happens to be House Hunters and ALL this couple has to say about everything is “it’s tiny” or “it’s so small.”  I love watching this show because people are so ridiculous!  For the most part, I think it is human nature to want to get the most for the least; however, these people take it to the extreme.  Quite frankly, when looking for a home, the only things that matter are location, and having the things that you have to have such as a backyard or a loft or a garage.  The space has to be appropriate for what you need.  The cosmetic things can easily be taken care of with a bit of elbow grease.  So, if you go on House Hunters, please don’t pick apart the colors of the room or the gold fixtures or the stupid stuff that is going to take $20 to fix!

Time for some more delicious Pizza Rolls!  Enjoy the rest of Easter and happy house hunting or dreaming!