The Good Life

For those who didn’t know, I am now living the good life.

The good life includes: living with your parents, not paying rent, having your meals cooked for you, sleeping in, having your Dad fix your car and change the oil, shopping and having your parents buy the things you require…

All of these things are great if you like others taking care of you!  However, for those who have been living on their own, it imprisons you and you feel so useless.  A failure.  I spend my days helping out where I can, applying for jobs, and thinking about working out.  I want to be able to live on my own again and buy everything that I want without worrying about how I’m going to pay my bills that didn’t stop just because I don’t have a job.  Life is good; but, it will be better when I figure out a bit more about myself and where I want to be!

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