I tried V8 today

Lunch today snuck up on me. My body told me that it needed fed, but mentally, I couldn’t figure out what form of sustenance would be best. There aren’t very many options close to work and I didn’t pack a lunch today. Alas, I ended up at a gas station hoping for a meal-replacement drink or something along those lines.

To my dismay, there was no such option. I settled on a V8. Have you every had it? I can honestly say that I was a little scared – mostly because I don’t typically like veggies. After instagramming my braveness, I twisted off the cap, took a breath, and took a drink…

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t as attrocious as I thought it was going to be.

This is my conclusion to the experience: V8 tastes like cold Spaghetti Os without the awesome “o” and it isn’t really that filling. At 70 calories, I felt hungry within an hour. All in all – a healthy break from fast food! I might just have to try it out again.

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