Misjudged Natural Beauty

Hey, you! I know I didn’t post yesterday. I was too busy climbing. I had the remaining outfits pre-taken. However, I decided that I want to switch them up to actually wear them. So, I will finish up starting Monday! Colorado is absolutely breathtaking and I’m really enjoying the natural beauty of the world. I thought j would have more time with my phone, but as it turns out, nature is much better! Here is what I have done and will continue to do until the end of the trip:



Heel-a-Day #28

I love blazers and wearing black, white and red! We are heading to Colorado until Sunday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring heels with me 😦 The final posts of the month have been pre-taken. I will make it up to you though, promise! Also, are there any requests for future projects or something you would like to see done with clothes that you would like to challenge me with? Let me know and safe travels, even if it is just to the office!


Heel-a-Day #19 and #20

Yep, I missed a day. I really thought I had posted it. Sorry about that! In an effort I keep notifications of new posts low, I’m posting yesterday’s and today’s together. Sunday was simple with natural colors and Mary-Jane type heels. Monday is a bit brighter with a skirt worn as a dress and a scarf tied around the middle. Do you like bright colors or more muted tones?