Let’s get the party started

I landed in Dublin at 10am local time, 6 hours ahead of my previous local time. I thought I was going to be able to explore and have a drink at the pub, but as it turns out, I don’t function well on 2.5 hours of sleep. I ended up sleeping, watching some dating show that had three guys pick out outfits for a girl they had never met before with crazy time restraints and a limited budget, and ordering pizza and a brownie via room service. Alas, my 22 hour layover in Dublin was a dud. I fully intend to go back though – what I saw of Ireland was gorgeous, green, and lush.

I arrived in Split, Croatia, on Tuesday and got to my apartment around 1 local time. Now 7 hours ahead of what my body was telling me was the right time. This is where the fun begins…

I couldn’t figure out how to get my SIM card tray out – I tried a pen, a screwdriver for eyeglasses, anything I could find in the apartment. Nothing worked. It got to be about 4pm and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I decided to download the google map and give it a shot. Google took me on a 15 minute walk around a park, up hill, through apartment buildings, and down something of an alley to a grocery store that turns out was just up the hill from me… literally less than 5 minutes. On the return trip from the grocery store, I thought I was taking a shortcut but got turned around and ended up wandering around for about 30 minutes to figure out that I was less than a block from my apartment. Thank you Google Maps for the assist. When I made it back, I was flustered, tired, and hungry.

I had terrible headaches the first 2 days – lack of caffeine and not enough water, not enough sleep blah blah blah. So I finally made it to the workspace Wednesday evening. I did some work and realized that the converter I had didn’t have a grounded plug… I borrowed one from somebody in the group and charged the ol’ laptop up while I got some work done. Another awesome individual from the group helped me with the SIM card situation with an earring. YAY!

I made the trek back to my apartment huffing and puffing as I realized just how little cardio I have been doing lately. Seriously, it was like climbing a stairmaster level 200.

Last but not least, my roommate isn’t here yet. She is supposed to arrive on Friday. I hope she doesn’t mind I set up an impromptu hangout Tuesday night on our patio area!

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