I recently received my Disc Plus profile! Here is a snippet of an article by Allan Miller that explains a bit more about it.


“The Innermetrix DISC Plus Profile combines the best of two world class profiles. The DISC Index measures your preferred Behavioral style and the Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers. Together they will help you understand HOW you prefer to get things done, and WHY you’re motivated to do them. This level of self- awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavor, to ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why.

Research conducted by Innermetrix shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. They recognize the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easy for them to find ways of achieving objectives that fit their behavioral style. They also understand their limitations and where they are not effective and this helps them understand where not to go or how not to be as well. Those who understand their natural behavioral preferences are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, in the right way, at the right time, and get the results they desire…”

My personal Style Comparison


Read my detailed personal report here: Heather_Fegan


Iowa Association of REALTORS


I started producing more of our videos for social sharing, marketing of education classes, events, etc. I have put together most of the videos on their Youtube page. I’m not an expert, but I know what goes into creating a video including initial concept, scriptwriting, planning, shooting, and editing.

Benchmark Magazine

Benchmark is a quarterly magazine sent to our 7,200 members and affiliates. I manage, layout, edit and design the entire project. The magazine ranges in size from 24-36 pages.

Here are the latest examples from 2018 (Click to view magazine):

Benchmark_Summer2018_200x275.png   Benchmark_Spring2018_200x275   Benchmark_Thumbnail_200x275

Project Management

Project Jack is a grant program funded by the Realtor Foundation of Iowa. There were 200, $250 grants distributed across the state of Iowa. The program began in 2016 in honor of Jack Lindaman of the Quad Cities area. I managed the application process, as well as coordinating, collecting, and organizing photos and videos. Click the image below for more details, videos, and pictures!

Facebook Cover - Children can make a BIG difference

The DMAAR Safety Campaign is the first of its kind. The Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS created a safety program to bring awareness to the safety of Realtors as well as home buyers and sellers. The safety program emphasizes safety through pre-qualification, identification, and knowledge. I managed the design of the campaign.

Safety Ad Facebook 2016Flyer 1

Flyer 2

Flyer 3

The Iowa Association of REALTORS decided a New Member Series of videos that explained the role of the association for its members was needed. I managed the project by finding local agencies and requesting quotes. Once we decided which group to go with, I managed the editing of the scripts as well as the onsite video shoot and release to each of the 17 local boards. There are 8 videos in total.

Full Video:

Examples of snippets taken from the full video:


IAR Social Media Pages


Branding Guide 2017

I put in place a branding guide after we went through a logo redesign. We wanted to update the look and feel of our association and make everything cohesive.

Creative Brief -#MyIowaHome

Promotions and Results for #MyIowaHome

As part of the day to day operations, I help with event planning and marketing, promoting our education department’s latest classes, work with partners and advertisers, put together our email campaigns, maintain the website and write content, work our social media pages and more.

Remote Year

Beginning 2017, I had not left the country and didn’t even have a passport. Beginning 2018, I had sold my house and lived in 4 different countries. I joined a remote year program in October 2017 in which I worked my regular job remotely while traveling the world.

I spent 4 months abroad and came back to Iowa in February. I know what you are thinking, why would you come back to Iowa in February?! As my first overseas travel, 4 months was a lot. I needed a little bit of a break to reorganize and get realigned. I’m currently preparing for round two in South America starting in June.

Working remotely for the first time, I learned how to manage my time and communicate effectively – out of necessity. I worked with my team using Google Docs, Skype, Asana, and Sprout Social as well as email and Slack. I found out that I loved working remotely – I was healthier and could be more productive than I was in an office. I gained valuable skills and insights on how to maintain and excel in a remote position.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success empowers women by preparing them for job interviews and beyond. The Success Luncheon is a fundraising event, new for the Des Moines chapter in 2016, to help fill the clothing and program needs locally. The first year we had about 250 attendees and the second year we had over 500!

I’m proud to have worked with such an inspiring group of women.





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