Remote Year

Beginning 2017, I had not left the country and didn’t even have a passport. Beginning 2018, I had sold my house and lived in 4 different countries. I joined a remote year program in October 2017 in which I worked my regular job remotely while traveling the world.

I spent 4 months abroad and came back to Iowa in February. I know what you are thinking, why would you come back to Iowa in February?! As my first overseas travel, 4 months was a lot. I needed a little bit of a break to reorganize and get realigned. I’m currently preparing for round two in South America starting in June.

Working remotely for the first time, I learned how to manage my time and communicate effectively – out of necessity. I worked with my team using Google Docs, Skype, Asana, and Sprout Social as well as email and Slack. I found out that I loved working remotely – I was healthier and could be more productive than I was in an office. I gained valuable skills and insights on how to maintain and excel in a remote position.