I pride myself on being able to adapt and learn new systems and programs. For instance, I never climbed before becoming the Marketing Manager at a rock climbing gym and was able to quickly learn and then teach safety, skills, and technique. Design Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign | Adobe Illustrator Email Marketing Constant Contact [...]


I recently received my Disc Plus profile! Here is a snippet of an article by Allan Miller that explains a bit more about it. "The Innermetrix DISC Plus Profile combines the best of two world class profiles. The DISC Index measures your preferred Behavioral style and the Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers. Together they [...]

Iowa Association of REALTORS

Video I started producing more of our videos for social sharing, marketing of education classes, events, etc. I have put together most of the videos on our Youtube page. I'm not an expert, but I know what goes into creating a video including initial concept, script writing, planning, shooting, and editing. Benchmark Magazine Benchmark is a quarterly [...]

Remote Year

Beginning 2017, I had not left the country and didn't even have a passport. Beginning 2018, I had sold my house and lived in 4 different countries. I joined a remote year program in October 2017 in which I worked my regular job remotely while traveling the world. I spent 4 months abroad and came [...]

Dress for Success

Dress for Success empowers women by preparing them for job interviews and beyond. The Success Luncheon is a fundraising event, new for the Des Moines chapter in 2016, to help fill the clothing and program needs locally. The first year we had about 250 attendees and the second year we had over 500! I'm proud [...]