As per usual

Life is a struggle. Once accepted, you can begin to let go of expectations and live a more present life. I"m in such a cycle of information overload and no action. My energy is low. So very, very low. Getting out of this "funk" would be great. I read so many books and articles on [...]


Life is a funny thing. Hanging on to things you shouldn't. Not doing something because you are afraid of the outcome. Fear of being alone or rejected. I have ups and downs - believe me, I'm working on that, a lot. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. But the gray days make [...]

Heel-a-Day #9

It is Day 9 of the heel a day in May! My favorite part about this is that the shirt is actually a skirt. One of the best parts about fashion is that just because something is supposed to be something specific - it doesn't have to be! Such versatility. Do you wear anything as [...]