Some things change

I was expecting to be able to change everything that I didn’t like about my habits once I started Remote Year. They didn’t.

I didn’t automatically lose 10 pounds when I arrived. Things weren’t all figured out for me. I didn’t feel less lonely even though I was surrounded by people. I’m not less awkward and I don’t like small talk more.

I have been abroad for 1 week and in that time I showered with cold water for 3 days because I couldn’t figure out the water heater. I ate apples, almonds, carrots, and frozen pizza because I didn’t magically know how to cook. I actually wore a pair of socks twice (eww) because I had to do laundry and I wasn’t sure how to hang everything up to dry since there isn’t a dryer. After a full week, I realized how to use the shower head as a shower. I figure things out day by day.

It is a struggle. I cry every time my parents send me a picture of Pollick or I hear a song about love.

So far, my location has changed and not much else.