Heel-a-day #31 leather and bows

It is the last day! Saved some of my favorites for last. Black heels with a bow strap and leather pants with a sheer floral top and ruffles. Feminine and edgy all at once. Get ready for July! Any ideas for other projects or things you want to see?



Heel-a-Day #30

The bulkiness of the Steve Madden booties is not something I would typically wear with a dress. However, with the hem being so short, I feel that there is enough leg to balance it out. Are you feeling it?



Heel-a-Day #28

I love blazers and wearing black, white and red! We are heading to Colorado until Sunday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring heels with me 😦 The final posts of the month have been pre-taken. I will make it up to you though, promise! Also, are there any requests for future projects or something you would like to see done with clothes that you would like to challenge me with? Let me know and safe travels, even if it is just to the office!