Heel-a-Day #27 Here’s to You!

Wedge sneakers are the way to go for a day of family and BBQin’! What do you wear for days off?!



Heel-a-Day #26 Sunshine after the Rain

It has been raining all weekend and has even been pretty cool. I’m running out of options for heels as the end of the month grows near. I really like the emerald color though and the yellow brightens it up a bit! Happy Sunday!


Heel-a-Day #19 and #20

Yep, I missed a day. I really thought I had posted it. Sorry about that! In an effort I keep notifications of new posts low, I’m posting yesterday’s and today’s together. Sunday was simple with natural colors and Mary-Jane type heels. Monday is a bit brighter with a skirt worn as a dress and a scarf tied around the middle. Do you like bright colors or more muted tones?